Now featuring a complete suite of Digital Forensic Services including Employee Background & Social Media Investigations-Cyber Black Mail-IP Theft-Disgruntled Employee-Forensic Accounting and more. Personalized Media Buying ideas and Commercial production with top talent all in one place > Now featuring the Blitz CRM for Radio, TV & Cable. Call us today.
Now featuring the Blitz CRM for Radio, TV & Cable. Call us today.

Operational Solutions

We offer a number of services to make your operations more profitable and efficient. Please choose an area above for more details on how CRP Associates can help you.


Developed from over 20 years of hands-on management trial and error, this system is a complete way to monitor and set goals for your station and sales department. It forces forward thinking and long-term, mid-term and short-term planning that is fun and rewarding for your sales department. They will sell more local business and have instant rewards. Veterans, as well as your novice salespeople, will get totally involved along with national sales. It’s a team effort for overall station goals but it’s also an individual goal system. You won’t have to worry about your people being on the street or making calls. It’s a totally positive spin instead of a negative incentive. Today’s salesperson wants, direction, a goal to reach, and incentives that are both financially and personally exciting.


This complete system is both sales and programming driven.
CRP has found that targeting a larger amount of advertising dollars at a smaller but more influential group of listeners and customers is a much more efficient use of capital. The results are fantastic and it pays for itself. Not only will your ratings fly, but your revenues will soar. Once you set this up and get it going, stand back and watch as everything improves. Your sales and programming departments will love you!


While we can assist your sales effort with many different types of promotions to build sales and ratings there are two that stand out. “The Hands On Marathon” promotion and the “Classic Car Give-a-Way”. We didn’t invent them, but we perfected these two ideas so that both sales and ratings would be maximized. We’ll provide you with everything you need to make either of these promotions a hit with your listeners and advertisers.


Has your staff been turning over and over and… well it’s not your fault, completely. We will show you the latest in testing for your applicants so that you’re not considering anyone not qualified. We’ll also show you how to throw your own career fair and go from three to 10 salespeople in just 30 days; good salespeople with commitment to you and your facilities. Then we take it a step further and train those people on how to sell broadcast properly. Your new team will have credibility with even the most informed advertiser. They’ll close faster and more often. Once your new team is up and running you takeover and we monitor the success.


Many owners don’t like to hear the words satellite programming or automation. They say it isn’t local. Well we say that’s just plain wrong. CRP has operated satellite/automated radio stations with great success and they’re more local than their live counterparts. We’re not talking #3 and #4 rankings but #1 rankings in almost every demographic. It’s documented. It will sound live, you’ll have great promotions and on-air contests, plus your properties will be able to service their communities with excellent public service.


CRP has been studying and analyzing the web for the last six years. We have developed some very strong and interesting ways of creating a new revenue stream for your radio station. Stacking revenue is a key to long term success in today’s multimedia marketplace. Web design and web hosting means a new outlet for your sales force. Take away real hard money from your local newspaper classifieds. Give up-to-date information on your marketplace. Local weather and MORE. It’s all turnkey, wherever your business, national or international.