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CRP Associates, Inc. was founded to offer cutting edge management tools and specialized consulting to intangible industries worldwide.

CRP Associates, Inc. was founded to offer cutting edge management tools and specialized consulting to intangible industries worldwide.


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Expert Witness Services

CRP Associates, Inc has been providing Expert Witness services to the legal community since the 1980’s through the testimony of our President Roger Pasquier in both State and Federal courts. His expertise in broadcasting related matters has resulted in multi million dollar settlements for CRP clients. Mr Pasquier has testified in matters regarding Agency, Specific Performance, Purchase & Sale agreements, FCC rules & regulations, Fraud, Talent Agreements, Fair Market Valuation, Budgeting and Projections, Promotional Agreements, Reciprocal Agreements, Ratings and other associated issues. Please email for a free consultation about your case at

Cloud Tools


Roger Pasquier is President of CRP Associates, Inc. a mangement consulting company. His involvement in broadcasting and intangible industries spans over 35 years working with companies to grow revenues and expand profit margins. Mr. Pasquier’s area’s of expertise includes Ownership, General & Sales Management, Planning, Engineering, Programming, Construction, Valuation and Acquisition in the broadcast industry. He is considered an expert in both Federal and State courts and by FCC authorities. Mr Pasquier is also heavily involved with companies in the financial advisory and insurance industries providing unique cloud sales and organizational tools.

CRP Associates Inc.’s projects have ranged from organizing new start-ups, profit planning, implementation of cost and profit controls, operational analysis, feasibility studies and business plans to mergers & acquisitions. CRP also offers expert witness services, executive coaching and strategy consulting. CRP has a vast knowledge and background in FCC and government regulations, new equipment purchases, sales, marketing, and broadcast systems. CRP is able to provide this diversity through its broad base of talented associates who offer an in-depth understanding of the communications industry. CRP’s Associates, Inc stays up to date on new laws, new regulations, and new ways to make your objectives a reality.

CRP is action oriented. Do not expect our services to result in a text-bookish report. CRP looks for results from its efforts. Each investor group and every broadcast company has its own unique goals. An effective plan must be custom built in order to insure proper results for your radio and television needs.